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What's New

bullet An article on Pin&Play has appeared in the latest Springer Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. link
bulletThe Pin&Play Project continues! Project weblog showing latest developments can be found here. New fully updated website soon to follow. In the meantime contact Nicolas Villar for further infromation.
bulletPaper at Interact 2003 accepted - May 2003
bulletMore files in the archive - May 2003
bulletPin&Play article in IEEE Communications - April 2003
bulletWorkshop details added - October, 2002
bulletPaper at IWNA 2002 accepted - October, 2002
bulletOur paper to UBICOMP got accepted - June 2, 2002

Project Abstract

Pin&play is a new approach of ad-hoc networking among objects that people can attach to large surfaces, such as notes that people pin to notice boards or artifacts that people hang on the walls in their home.

It incorporates augmentation of common vertical surfaces such as walls and notice boards with low-cost conductive material to create smart surfaces as a communication medium.

The objects are attached to such surfaces by means of simple pin connectors, to provide users with a familiar mechanism for adding objects to the network.

The Pin&Play Project is sponsored by the IST-FET programme of the European Commission under contract code IST-2001-37007.

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